LED Lights to Work, Warn and Save Lives!™

Purchasing the wrong light can be dangerous and expensive. Our engineers have over 50 patents worldwide. Their designs are on submarines, fighter jets, the largest police department in the United States, in the rucksacks of U.S. Special Force soldiers, helping small fire- police departments avoid injuries, helping boaters fish safely, etc. LEDLights™ manufactures LED road flares, lights for emergency vehicles, helicopter landing lights, flashlights for policemen, firemen, construction workers, etc. Our extensive experience in a wide variety of excellent lighting products is valuable because it can help in your effort to obtain the best lighting at the best price. We have many standard products which are immediately available but we are also enthusiastic about supplying lights for solving special problems. Feel free to contact us as we will do an excellent job for you. Feel good about contacting us because our lights are designed and manufactured by your neighbors in the United States of America.

This Week's Spotlight Products!

I love my BeastBeam™!

I am very happy with the BeastBeam™ Flashlight. The staff are very professional and helpful.
Dan Albott

The FlipFlare® is a very unique road flare!

I purchased a Flip-Flare® Kit for my work truck. I was so impressed by these road flares that I bought one for my wife's car.
Timothy Daigle