• Single or Dual Color Flashing Warning Light
  • (8) Flash Patterns
  • (4) Wires (Power, Ground, ASync & Pattern Select)
  • "Sync" or "Async" Flashing Modes
  • Several LED Colors Available
  • Patent Pending optics
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Price: $63.55
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    Model 5110 Mini-Beast™ Mirror Light Single or Dual Color Flashing Warning Lights are available emitting light of any dual color combination. Each light includes 8 flash patterns, 4 Wires (Power, Ground, ASync & Pattern Select) and Sync/ASync compatibility with any of our other warning lights, permitting the group to flash together or to alternate. Patent Pending optics provide a very wide angle SWEPT BEAM, making the light highly visible, even for those 75° off the beam axis. Models for Back Surface Mounting are selected when the light is to be located on a substantially flat back surface of a mirror. Stainless Steel screws are included with the light.

    Note: If the emitted light is not required to be concentrated into a beam because visibility from all angles is desirable, choose NO OPTIC below or consider Model 5120.

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