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  • Dual Color
  • Dimmable
  • Adjustable from Spot to Flood Beam
  • Waterproof
  • 12v - 24v DC
  • Removable Swivel Base
Retail: $205.95
Price: $165.00
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    Model 8710 Map/Cockpit Light is a DUAL color light (typically white/red but other colors including infrared are available) used to illuminate gauges or other areas. Choose WHITE light for normal tasks, RED light to maintain night vision sensitivity, and CYAN light when the lighting device is to be used without affecting nearby night vision goggles. ALL models are dimmable, adjustable from spot to flood beam, waterproof, include a coil cord which extends up to 3 ft and a swivel base which detachably snaps into a bracket fastened to the console permitting the light to be directed as required. The light is easily pulled from the mount bracket, held in the hand like a flashlight and powered by the coil cord (optional coiled cord extends up to 15 ft) when illumination is necessary at other locations on the craft. Most popular models are hardwired however special plugs can be included. Plus Options selected below

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