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The Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight is a unique patented flashlight which provides up to four colors selectable by rotating the bezel with each color a powerful high-intensity LED light beam. Common multicolor flashlights change colors by placing filters over the lens. This is highly inefficient because filters absorb a large percentage of the light and can be easily misplaced or lost. The Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight is unique in that it changes colors without filters and each color is concentrated into an intense beam, far brighter than that achievable with filters. Available colors include; High-intensity bluish white, High intensity high color rendering index white(slightly yellow white hue for accurate color rendering), Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Infrared, and Ultraviolet (365nm).

The Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight hooded bezel shields the light, making it less visible from the side, therefore increasing security from hostile persons. The hooded bezel additionally reduces distractions caused by visible light emerging from the side of the flashlight.

The optional screw on Traffic Wand attachment turns the Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight into a super bright Traffic Control Wand with 360° visiblity and the ability to quickly change to any of your chosen colors with the thumb switch. Also includes Flashing and Steady Beam modes for more versatility!

The optional screw on ResQ™ Lens turns the Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight into a super powerful Signal Light with 360° visiblity for those situations where you want to be seen.

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Model 5070 BeastBeam™ Tetrad 4F™ Flashlight
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The TETRAD™ 4 color LED Flashlight emits a powerful concentrated beam regardless of the color selected. The design is unique because it changes colors without filters thereby creating a powerful flashlight beam for each color. It is a patented design providing up to 4 colors selectable by rotating the bezel. Available with hooded bezel for minimizing sideways emitted light and attaching optional wand or lens. TETRAD™ is available having any 4 colors including: high intensity color accurate...

474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K Rockledge FL 32955