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ThriftyFlare™ Cone is an economic, non-toxic, LED Road Flare! It replaces incendiary road flares which have seriously burned first responders, are expensive and need constant replacement. Incendiary flares also emit toxic fumes, send toxic chemicals into the watershed, cause explosions at accident scenes and start woodland fires. The cost (or consequences) of a single incendiary flare accident can be incalculable!

Individual Lights
LEDLights™ ThriftyFlare Cone™ for Standard Traffic Cones

Single Individual Flares

Light Kits
LEDLights™ MightyFlare®

Flare Kits for Standard Traffic Cones

ThriftyFlare™ Cone Accessories
LEDLights™ BeastBeam HL™ Flashlight

Accessories for your ThriftyFlare™ Cone

474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K Rockledge FL 32955