ThriftyFlare™ Cone is an economic, non-toxic, LED Road Flare! It replaces incendiary road flares which have seriously burned first responders, are expensive and need constant replacement. Incendiary flares also emit toxic fumes, send toxic chemicals into the watershed, cause explosions at accident scenes and start woodland fires. The cost (or consequences) of a single incendiary flare accident can be incalculable!

MightyFlare Stick™ Cone offers an economical steady light beam circuit MFCB which emits a steady light much like an incendiary flare or an advanced circuit MFCA which permits the user to select a flash or steady beam and an intensity which meets his exact needs. The advanced circuit also includes one flash pattern (Patent Pending) which alerts and guides drivers past the hazard. Available emitting White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Infrared, light.

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ThriftyFlare™ Cone S #6101
Retail: $22.95
Price: $17.90
LEDLights Item #: 6101- -

Model 6101 ThriftyFlare™ Steady Beam LED Flare for Standard Traffic Cones.Click "Add to Cart" to select LED color & Snow Dome Options.

ThriftyFlare™ Cone S #6103
ThriftyFlare™ Cone ''S'' #6103
Just Like Model# 6101 with Advanced Flashing Beam Circuitry....
Retail: $25.95
Price: $20.40
LEDLights Item #: 6103- -

Model 6103 ThriftyFlare™ Flashing/Steady Beam LED Flare for Standard Traffic Cones