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  • Typically mounts on underside of mirror
  • Single or Dual Color Flashing Warning Light
  • (8) Flash Patterns
  • (4) Wires (Power, Ground, ASync & Pattern Select)
  • "Sync" or "Async" Flashing Modes
  • Several LED Colors Available
  • Patent Pending optics
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Price: $63.55
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    Model 5100 MiniBeast™ Mirror Light Single or Dual Color Flashing Warning Lights are available emitting light of any single color or dual color combination. Each light includes 8 flash patterns, 4 Wires (Power, Ground, ASync & Pattern Select) and Sync/ASync compatibility with any of our other warning lights, permitting the group to flash together or to alternate. Patent Pending optics provide a very wide angle SWEPT BEAM, making the light highly visible, even for those 75° off the beam axis. The standard Flat Flange Model is designed for mirrors having flat undersides and mounts to both, driver and passenger side mirrors. For vehicles with mirrors having curved undersides, models are available with contours to assure proper fit. For mirrors with curved undersides, email us at info@ledlights.com with your vehicle's information so we can provide you with a Model suited for your needs.

    Note: If the emitted light is not required to be concentrated into a beam because visibility from all angles is desirable, choose NO OPTIC or consider Model 5120.

    MiniBeast™ Flange Mount Flashing Mirror Light

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