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474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
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BeatBeam™ Signal Light is a brilliant, high-intensity signal light that commands attention! Fabricated using the latest LED technology it provides a compact, waterproof, lightweight and highly visible light throughout 360° for effective signaling. It's compact size permits it to be placed in a pocket or a belt holster. It is powered by readily available alkaline, lithium or rechargeable ''AA'' batteries. Models include an economical bezel configuration activated by rotating the bezel or a thumbswitch configuration easily activated by one hand. Each light includes a user selectable high intensity steady mode and a flashing mode. Available LED colors include Red, White, Blue, Amber, Green, or Infrared. Models are also available with a flanged lens permitting them to be placed into the top hole of a traffic cone to increase its visibility.

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BeastBeam™ Signal Light #7200
Retail: $22.95
Price: $17.90
LEDLights Item #: 7200- -

Model 7200 BeastBeam™ Powerful Steady Beam Waterproof LED Signal Light including Bezel Control, Emitting Amber Light, Loops for 3/4'' webbing, Waterproof to 250 feet, 360° Visibility and 2 ''AA'' Alkaline Batteries.

BeastBeam™ Signal Light #7210
BeastBeam™ Signal Light Model #7210
Just Like Model# 7200 with Advanced Flashing Beam Circuitry...
Retail: $25.95
Price: $20.40
LEDLights Item #: 7210- -

Model 7210 BeastBeam™ Signal Light Powerful Flashing/Steady Beam Waterproof LED Light including Bezel Control, Available Emitting Red, White, Blue, Amber, Green or Infrared Light, Loops for 3/4'' webbing, Waterproof to 250 feet, 360° Visibility, and 2 ''AA'' Alkaline or Lithium Batteries.